I had hoped to get some rows built and some of the planting done last weekend but a heavy rain on Thursday completely soaked the fields. The fields look dry on top but still muddy underneath. It just clogs up the tiller. We finally got a stint of sunny dry weather in the last few days so the fields should be tilled by tomorrow. Which is great but I did have a bit of a panic from the intense sun yesterday. My seedlings have been outside for a few days but i guess some of them where not ready for a hot summers day yet. I had them in and out several times but that stint of cold when they had to stay in doors must have set back the hardening off process. Another lesson I need to remember for next year. Some plants lost a few leaves and I had to race around moving things into the shade. I can’t haul them all back into the house so I checked online for a solution. A floating row cover to protect them from the sun is the solution, unfortunately we don’t have any yet. Thankfully Lainie has some Saris that seem to fit the bill. So although our yard looks like a tomato refugee camp, I am confident that the seedlings will weather today’s hot sun in style. Thanks again Lainers.
I have a few pics but blogger isn’t letting me upload them right now. i will post them later hopefully.
Prairie Boy

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