So its Saturday and my weekend of planting is delayed yet again. The land is still heavy with water. Combine that with a bit of rain and we are still playing the waiting game. It seems that because the land has been fallow for so long, it is taking a long time to dry out enough to till. If the weather man is right, hopefully that will happen some time this week. And then its hoeing up the rows and then planting like a madman. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants will go in right away followed by the direct seeded stuff. It is frustrating to sit on my hands and wait so we are going out tomorrow to set up a few things and see what if anything we can do to be prepared to go the moment the fields are ready.

Try to imagine tilling your 20 acres of unbroken prairie grasslands with this pulled behind a horse!?!? This was John Deere’s highly innovative “Grasshopper Plow”. Invented in 1837 this was a huge improvement over all previous plow and in only a few years he was selling 10,000 of them a year. Film buffs can check out ” The Plow that Broke the Great Plains”. an interesting bit of propaganda / history.

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