Canada Day

    Canada Day was fun. Lainie and I went up with the lovely and talented Alex Castillo-Smith and spent the morning weeding and pounding spikes into the ground. Then a little lunch at Ravine Vineyards. It was a great way to spend the morning and productive too. Thanks for your help Alex.

    At the farm there are thousands of baby tomatoes. Its very exciting. I will be heading up tomorrow morning to begin staking up the vines. I am using steel posts that I got from Howie, and some old grape trellising wire. The plan is to tie a piece of sisal twine to the top wire and then to each vine base and wrap the vine around the rope as it grows. Its only a few weeks before the first tomatoes will be ready for harvest!
    A pleasant surprise awaited me at the farm. You may remember that the bunnies ate most of the bean plants. I was planning on reseeding them this week but it seems that even though they where cut down to stumps they where not ready to give up. There are new leaves spouting on all of them! Nature is truly inspiring.
   Another day of weeding, watering, and trellising awaits in the morning so its off to bed.

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