Beautiful Rain!

    That heat wave we just had has resulted in the peppers growing fairly quickly. The tomatoes are doing well also. Wednesday turned out to be a bit stressful for me as I was unable to water my crops. I bought an irrigation pump about 6 weeks ago from princess auto. It worked a few times then quit so I returned it. They gave me my money back no questions asked. This week i picked up a new one and it worked for about 3 minutes before it also conked out and wouldn’t restart. While their stuff is cheap, their in house brand “Power Fist” (no comment -lk ed.) products seem to be poorly made and not worth buying at any price. Again they gave me a return but this left me without a pump. Hopefully we will get a Honda pump some time in the near future if i can scrounge up the $600 for it. I checked the weather forecast and decided to give it a couple of days and if it didn’t rain then i would go up and borrow Howie’s Honda pump and water everything. Fortunately the rains came today just when they were needed. It is beautiful to see the rain falling and think about the life flowing into the crops. They should be alright on there own until Monday.
    That said, i still have a ton of tying up to do asap. Anyone who can come up early this week can email me at Your help would be greatly appreciated.
   Next blog entry will be the “Tale of Elwood’s Crooked Swede”. The story of a spuds journey from the old world to my fields, so don’t miss it!

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