well, nature sure has been good to us this summer with near perfect tomato growing weather. i really must stress our thanks to her. we have been very lucky our first year of growing.

it has taken a few weeks to get into a groove. at first we had too many tomatoes and not enough mouths for them and now we have too many mouths and not enough tomatoes! grant is heading back from the farm as i type this, with a fresh carload full. ella has to ride shotgun. 😉

our friends at multiple organics (on dundas at sheridan) wrote this in their newsletter which i thought summed stuff up nicely…

“We’ve got the best neighbourhood. Full of creative, smart, caring people.  We got to meet another one this week who goes by the name of Grant, aka Prairie Boy.  He’s a Brocktonite AND he’s a farmer. He has a place near Niagara where he produces the most mouth-melting tomatoes you will ever eat.  My partner Andrew said to me after eating a slice: “Now that’s why tomatoes are a fruit!!””

nice huh?

thanks everyone for supporting us and digging into the yumminess; such a delicious time of year.


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