Labour Day Weekend

Quality Control

September started out super hot but the arrival of this weekend had us wearing jackets to do deliveries this afternoon. As i got home at 6 am from working a night shoot, Grant got up and went to the farm to harvest. By the time he got back i had slept for a few hrs and gave him a hand organizing all the orders. We dropped veggies off to Multiple Organics, Enoteca Sociale, Grace, Bohmer, Marben, The Atlantic and Cowbell. It seems like everyone is super happy with the tomatoes and some of the chefs actually came to the car to snoop in the window to see what else we had. It was interesting to hear Grant talking to the chefs about their recipes and witness them be so passionate and truly excited to get a fresh batch of vegetables right from the farm, picked that morning. There sure are some talented chefs in these restaurants and it feels really good to be a part of their creative process. 

Note to self: Build a bike trailer to do deliveries next summer. Traffic was/is brutal and cyclists were passing us…so next year it would be great to deliver on bike – faster, more eco-friendly and waaaay less stressful.
I had more deep thoughts but they’ve vanished and i need to get ready to go to the farmhouse tonight after grant finishes his “real job”. The next few days will be spent relaxing with friends, eating good  healthy food that we grew oursleves, breathing fresh air and not working. It’s been a very long, hard summer but it feels worth it. Now it’s chillax time.
Happy Labour Day all you hard workers!  -Lainie

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