Garlic for miles

Lainie, Ella and I spent Thanksgiving up at our farm house near Meaford. We now have a 5 acre plot of land there which is exciting. We decided to plant some garlic for next year. Mark from Sunrise Organics ( was able to procure me 30 lbs of good quality garlic for planting. While talking on the phone it seemed like a fun way to spend an afternoon. I did not realize at the time that 30lbs of garlic cloves equates to approximately 2700 cloves! Mark lent me his tractor and tiller so I was able to work up the land dig some rows to plant in. Lainie and I planted 5 rows of garlic that are 275 ft long. We spent most of the afternoon at it and I finished raking them over as the sun was setting. The next day we tilled the rest of the field. It was great to watch Lainie drive a tractor like a pro farm hand.

This weekend I went back up to the farm with Anthony Williams from Cowbell. We planted more garlic at Mark’s farm and helped build some compost rows.  Then we went back to our farm and Anthony planted the perenial flower beds while I seeded the fields with a green manure crop of peas and grains. We also had several drinks and some good meals including dinner with Mark and Joyce. It was a fun and productive weekend. Thanks for your help Anthony. And Mark? I’m not sure where we would be at this stage if it wasn’t for your generous help and advice.

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