The new season begins!

Seed Orders
     So the planning phase of season two has begun. Searching through the seed catalogs and trying to figure out what we can grow is exciting. This year we are trying to grow a much wider diversity of veggies, herbs, and other comestibles. I hope to grow small amounts of a lot of different things. The learning curve will be steep again this year. thankfully we have some good people who are always willing to talk about their experiences with different challenges of growing stuff.
    Last year we had very sparse reserves and even less experience to start our venture. We went ahead anyways and I am really glad we did. We learned a lot about plants, food, people, and ourselves last year. This year we have more resources at our disposal. A much larger plot of land with beautiful ( albeit a bit exhausted) soil. The beginnings of the skill set and contacts we need. The farm house to sleep in and a garage to store tools, equiptment, seeds etc… I feel rich by comparison to last season.
     I suspect that the biggest limit this year will turn out to be time. With the farm house, hopefully we will be able to get more volunteers to help as we can offer people a great getaway in exchange for their help. A day in the fields, a hike on the Bruce trail or a swim in the bay, a great dinner at the farmhouse and a sauna to relax after. A few drinks by the fire under the stars and a comfy bed to sleep in.
    I am very excited about some of the things we will be growing this season. Some vary rare stuff that I will tell you more about as we get to that stage. We are also planning for future seasons. Starting an asparagus bed that will take several seasons to begin yielding food. Blueberry, Blackberry and Raspberry bushes… all kinds of wonderful tasty things. It is so amazing to think as I sit here in early march that these tiny seeds, weighing fractions of a ounce will yield hundreds of pounds of veggies to feed and nourish many people. It is something everyone should experience.

Seed + Soil + Water + Sun = Life

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