First bits of green

Lainie was at the farm 2 weeks ago and sent some very exciting news. The garlic is up! I went up last weekend and couldn’t believe it. Thousands of 4″ garlic plants in a row. (I have a picture of it but cant get it to load from the ipad, sorry.) It’s hard to describe the excitement and anxiety that gripped me as I looked at it. The season has truly begun. I must confess I am a bit intimidated at the work that is ahead of us in the next few weeks and months.
We have been on a mad dash to get a whole bunch of things done by today. Seeds ordered and received. Peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes seedlings started. We also launched a full scale home reno a few weeks back and finally brought it to the stage we needed to be at by today. In addition to all this we have both been working crazy hours and battling colds. Today saw most of these things wrap up just in time.
Why did it all need to be done by today? Well as I am writing this I am sitting at a bar in Lester B. Pearson getting ready to board a plane for Amsterdam. We are spending a week there and then a week in Spain. Mostly in the Barcelona area. I know it’s a bit crazy to run off so close to the start of season but we have an opportunity to visit some friends and both need a quick recharge before the summer begins in earnest. Emily will be baby sitting my wee seedlings while we are away. Thanks so much Em.
Well thats my boarding call. Time to fly! Be back in 2 weeks with some pics and stories.

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