Letters to the Editor?

One of our main reasons for growing food is that we LOVE to cook and eat and yet, ironically,  it feels like we havn’t had any time to cook or eat lately.  The lowest we’ve “sunk” recently was me spoon feeding take out roti to Grant as we drove back to the farm at 11pm. The opposite of “slow food”. hehe
We’ve since promised each other to make more time to cook and eat together and with friends or at least leave the other some leftovers.
In contrast to us eating take out in the car, we have been receiving amazing and sometimes hilarious feedback, pics, texts and recipes from everyone. It is so inspiring to hear and see what everyone has been cooking up with the veg we grew. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it. Here are some samples from the last few weeks. 
 Grilled Tomatillo Salsa
 “Thanks for the beets, lettuce and garlic fronds… sauteed the beet greens last night. SO delicious! Having the beets roasted on the BBQ tonight. The butter lettuce is yummy with simple oil and vinegar dressing. We are spoiled…” 
“daddy i met a real farmer”
“just picked up the beets. I left ten bucks under the green bucket at the bottom right of your back stairs”
“farmer lainie and her mister – wow. what an abundance of joy you dropped off at my house . thank you thank you thank you. good eatin xx”
 Lasagna using zucchini and eggplant instead of noodles
“Made an indulgent breakfast: squash blossom and pecorino-fresco frittata with garden herbs. Thank you Prairie Boy and MonforteDairy”
 “awesome basket”
 BBQ roasted beets and jalapenos

“i just unpacked the crate and it was like a treasure chest of goodies…i can’t wait to start using and experimenting…it’s truly a bounty of riches”
Mixed greens, green and yellow beans, anchovies, capers, roasted beets and bbq’d salmon kebobs

 Zucchini and Squash Blossoms with basil and peccorino Pizza

Thanks you everyone for sharing your enthusiasm and dinners with us. – Grant and Lainie xo

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