After the Storm

    Last weekend was quite the whirlwind, literally and figuratively. We spent the day on Saturday harvesting. As you may remember it was a very wet and at times nasty weekend. When the storm first hit on Saturday there were coolers and stuff flying in the wind! The water was coming off the eves trough so hard is could fill a 16-liter pail in about 20 seconds. With the exception of the most intense part of the storm we stayed out and harvested in the rain all day. Not ideal but it was that or no veggies at all for the market on Sunday.
    The 99 MRKT was a fun time. The rain kept a few people away but we had a lot of fun selling veggies and making new friends. It is an interesting mix of people and we will see how it develops with time. One of the people we met was Jacob of 2 brothers food. ( They do events catering, consulting, and soon are opening their own restaurant. He and some of his crew are coming up this weekend to check out the farm and help pick some veggies. We will be at 99 MRKT again on the 11th of September. If you missed it last time we would love to see you this time around.
    Another development for us is the opening of the Depanneur! Len Senater’s long awaited café / grocer / event space / general foodies hangout. You should check it out at the corner of College and Rushholme Park Cres. Our veggies are there as well as St. John’s bakery and organic milk etc… I think this little spot will evolve to be a great hub for all of us who love good food and good people. (
    Lainie is away this week to go see friends in Winnipeg and Minaki, so Ella and I are trying to get along without her here.  (We miss you). She will be back on Sunday which is good because you don’t want to see what happens if I don’t have her to help organize!    
    I am heading up to the farm tonight after work. It’s been a week of storms and heavy rain. Lots of water with some interspersed sunshine… I hope to find lots of veggies to pick and will undoubtedly find many weeds that need my attention. Eryk, a Barberian’s co-worker is coming up to help with the harvest. Fun, fresh air and farming. Wish you could all come for the weekend, but please RSVP, as there are only 3 guest beds so…

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