Field Trip: Organic Urban Farming in La Habana, Cuba

On a recent trip to La Habana, Cuba I got the pleasure of meeting a wonderful organic urban farmer named Lalo. He and another farmer share the labour on an approx 1 acre city farm plot in Centro Habana. Their products are sold in a farmers market stall attached to the plot as well as in neighbouring markets. They raise mostly lettuces, spinach, onions, garlic, shallots, herbs etc – products that take up minimal space or that can be harvested multiple times. Their market also sells fresh squeezed orange juice (where Lalo’s wife works), a carnicero (butcher) sells meat – mostly pork as Cubans do not have access to beef, and they also sell medicinal and ornamental plants. We spent the day discussing vegetables, food, soil, composting, plants, nature, ecology, organics, urban litter, pest control, weed back (see Lalo’s back brace), markets and many other things. Where my Spanish failed, hand gestures succeeded. It was amazing to share stories, methods, techniques and a meal with such an interesting, knowledgeable and passionate man.  Here are some pictures from a truly inspiring day. I hope we meet again.  – Lainie

5 thoughts on “Field Trip: Organic Urban Farming in La Habana, Cuba

  1. Howdy neighbour! I was amused to see this as I have been posting about our trip to Cuba on my blog recently too… complete with visits to farms and organipónicos. I'd like to meet you later on in the spring maybe, and write about what your are doing.

    Regards, Ferdzy

    • thanks sara. i’ll pick it up. the thing with havana is developers arent salivating over every empty space. and because everything is crumbling from neglect there… there are no shortage of empty lots. such smart use of space. sadly toronto thinks a never ending supply of condos is the way to go. i discovered these guys in montreal recently. pretty cool too.

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