Weather and …

It’s all we talk about. Seriously. How the weather reports are never right, how the weather is never quite how we want/need it to be for our crops, when will there be rain, what do we do if there isn’t any rain, where did the rain go, why does the rain avoid us so, what did we ever do to the rain, when can we start seeing our veggies grow instead of struggle, do you smell rain? etc.

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks.. Many of the crops Grant and Dana planted a few weeks ago never materialized. Apparently they need lots of rain…see there i go again with the weather. Without a high water table, due to no snow this past winter and a very dry spring…there isn’t enough water in the ground to germinate the seeds, even with some watering, without significant moisture in the soil…not much wants to grow. You know it’s dry when the weeds look wilty.

The good news…

Our lovely and helpful intern Audrey started a few days ago and has been tackling weeds with a vengence.

We got a discer.

We discovered the first flower on a tomato plant.

We had our first CSA box delivery last week. We got some nice feedback from people which reminded us why we are doing this in the first place.

We did our first Markets at Trinity Bellwoods and in Meaford this past week. Both markets were hopping with people eager to try out the fresh local produce, amazing baking, fish, meat, cheese, prepared foods etc. Such wonderful bustling scenes. We are so happy to part of both.

It rained a bit today and on Thursday. Even saw an almost double complete rainbow. We asked ourselves what it meant and we hope it means more rain is coming.

We’ve had a ton of amazing and helpful guests come out and pitch in the last few weeks which has been really great. Lucas, Charlotte, Suzanne, Michael & Isabel. You keep us sane…ish. Everyone’s energy and effort, suggestions and hard work has been greatly appreciated.

Our local farmer friends have been very helpful with: water suggestions (thanks Brian!), straw donations for mulching (thanks Frank Batty!), tractor help (thanks Kim!) , discer delivery (thanks Mark and gang!), other offers of help and moral support. Thank you guys. You are really amazing. We hope we can return a favour some day if you are ever in the weeds, as they say.

We’ve designed a new logo. Some of you will have seen it on your oregano or chamomile jars you got from us last week. We will also have Prairie Boy cotton bags ready for this weeks market. They will be $5

We got our tix for the Stars concert at the New Farm on July 7. Really looking forward to it.

Here’s some pics of what we’ve been up to:

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7 thoughts on “Weather and …

  1. I raced home today to see my first package (sharing with a condo-mate) and was so excited with such a big bag of treats! I quickly whipped up a salad with the peas and winged it by tossing in some thinly sliced ramps. I tossed on some organic rosemary olive oil (discovered on a recent trip to Croatia) and HOLY SNAPPERS was that ever tasty. The ramps (which I had no idea what they were… but do now, thanks internets!) were SUCH a pleasant surprise and so so tasty. I will ration the jar out now. Thank you so much for your due diligence and early mornings. Keep up the great work guys! Now I have to figure out what to do with all the other green things….

  2. Fabulous work guy’s.
    Wishing you rain and growth
    and carefree play- amongst hard work
    nothing like fresh organic veggies
    keep it coming

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