It has been a very busy and long week. Complete with RAIN! Glorious rain. A good amount fell on Saturday morning. While it doesn’t make up for months and months of drought it did help quite a bit and brought with it some cooler weather to give us all (veg and human) a bit of a break from the blistering heat.

The plants are finallly starting to come around. This week we’ve had some real positive progress…for a change. There are some green tomatoes on the vine, an eggplant sighting, some zucchini blossoms starting, lettuces are doing well, and our 2nd batch of cukes ready for transplanting, etc. etc. Very promising.

Our 2 interns, Audrey and Ethan, started this week and have been working hard and learning lots about farming and their farmer friends. We’ve gone from “D.I.N.K.’s” to having 2 full blown teenagers overnight. The learning curve is steep but I think we’re all having lots of fun.

Saturday we all went to The New Farm’s Fundraiser for The STOP. It was a great afternoon and evening filled with great food from talented chefs in a beautiful setting and an intimate kickass concert in the barn by The STARS. It was a night to remember for sure.

We also had a nice visit from Len of the Depanneur. The farm is a long way from College street so it was nice to see him out in the field hoeing it up. Thanks for the chat too Len. Look out Margaret Wente, we’ve got your number.

Market day is tomorrow so it’ll be an early one. Thats all for today. Nite

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1 thought on “STARStruck

  1. Thanks for sharing guys! The photos are stunning Lainie. So good I almost felt like I was there! See you at the market. xoL

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