Lord Tunderin’ Jesus!

What a weekend! We had a crazy thunder and lightening storm on Saturday night. We hoped for the best in the rain department and ended up with approximately 13.4 drops of rain. But what a show it was! We would’ve preferred the rain but..instead we got a flashy and dramatic light and sound show. We aren’t quite sure why so little rain fell here and elsewhere close by got hammered, but i guess we got the short end of the rainstick…AGAIN!
While no rain to speak of fell from the sky, we did have something/one, much needed, fall from the sky and not a moment too soon. His name is Graham. He came via the boys at URSA (thank you Jacob and Lucas!!), has a few years farming experience and after only a few days feels like he will fit in perfectly here at the Prairie Boy Farm. He’s not scared to work his butt off and well, from what we can tell, we like him alot already.

Grahams timing couldn’t be more perfect as our interns are all finished up for the season. Today is Ethan’s last day and Audrey left last week. They both worked incredibly hard this July to help keep things alive in a most inhospitable environment. They did so with amazingly positive attitudes and big smiles that made us feel good every day. We will miss them terribly. We can’t even begin to express the gratitude we feel towards them for all they brought to us this summer. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Speaking of gratitude, we were also visited by “Long Weekend Stacey” this Simcoe weekend. We realized Stacey has been here the last 3 long weekends weeding, helping keep the troops fed, the kitchen tidy and functional, making us laugh and being just an all around wonderful guest during what is a very challenging summer for us. Thanks Stace for being here when we need you the most.

Also thanks to Mark from Sunrise Organics for rounding up his guys to come help get the tomatoes trellised. Thanks to Suzanne and Isabel for many hours weeding and braving a blackberry bramble for our CSA boxes. Thanks to Justin, our city neighbour, who came to check things out and worked for days helping get things done. Thanks to Kelley for smoothly running our farmers market stand at Bellwoods Farmers Market last week. We hope we aren’t leaving anyone out. There are alot of people to thank each week for hours and hours of donated time. You know who you are and how much it means to us.

The vegetables are plodding along. Nothing grows fast in this heat and dryness. We are watering as much as we can everyday and we’ve tilled under a bunch of rows that had the biggest bug problems. It wasn’t worth the fight for potentially a few zucchinis. The squash bugs and cucumber beetles were just hideous and it was painful to watch the plants slowly be devoured but such ravenous jerks. We’re still hand-picking colorado potato beetles off of eggplants and potatoes. We’re mulching new plantings to help with moisture and weeds. We’re also weeding like fiends everyday. We are beyond weed back. We don’t even know what to call how our bodies feel. Still good tans though. Some things are growing slowly, others aren’t growing at all. We are trying very hard to make good decisions about where to best put our energies every day. There is so much to do and only so many of us and so many hours in a day. It feels like the work will never end or that it doesn’t make a difference how many 18hr days we put in. But at least the tomatoes are all trellised and starting to ripen… slowly, there are a few eggplants here and there that we will have to draw names to decide who gets them, a new wave of beets and beans should be ready soon, etc.
We are putting on a dinner AUGUST 15. See our events page for details. There are a few tix left so hurry before they are gone as it’s 1st come 1st serve.

Here are a few pics from today. Nite.

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