Seedstock, Soupstock and Stuff

Long time no blog. It’s been a very busy few months. Sadly most of the busyness hasn’t been very fun, interesting or leaving us feeling like there’s anything to write about it.

We’ve frozen some veggies & dried some herbs for the winter, done some farm tidying for the winter, done alot of work on the house, Grant is back to work, I’ve been healing and growing a baby, etc. etc. Nothing overly exciting, just trying to get back to a normal pace of life after such a crazy summer. We already miss much of the farm work and life, weekly harvests and Tuesday market. We still have a few crops hiding in the ground but we aren’t sure when we will be able to get to them. Things have calmed down on the home front but now we are on serious prairiebaby watch. Could be any day now which is why i wanted to squeeze out a little update before….well you know.

Grant managed to find the time to get a bunch of garlic planted last week. We had alot of nematode damage this year so we distributed the good stuff this summer which left us with the damaged stuff we couldn’t plant. We could have planted it but then you just make the problem worse and spread it around to yet another patch of the field. So, we bought more organic seedstock to plant (bulbs that we laboriously broke into thousands of cloves to plant). My fingers still smell like garlic! (Quite nice actually). We got some straw from our sheep raising friend and neighbour Frank of Scotch Mtn Meats and mulched the small plot to keep it cozy for the winter. Mulching keeps the moisture in, the weeds down and helps with wild temperature fluctuations until it can establish itself before it’s long winter hibernation. Just like you’d treat your tulips or other bulbs.

Soupstock was this past weekend. They say 40,000-60,000 people turned up to eat soup! Who woulda guessed? We wandered around tasting delicious food and got to see all our favourite chef friends that we never get to see enough of. The organizers and participants were blessed with a beautiful day, hundreds of volunteers including the best chefs in town and a genuine festive spirit in the air that made the day really special. Most importantly the event raised much needed money to help pay for legal fees to help Stop the Mega Quarry.

And that’s…kinda…it…for now. You’ll hear from us again when there is something more exciting going on. Hopefully sooner than later. Until then, we want to say thanks again for such a great supportive season. Please keep in touch. We miss you all when the farm is quiet.

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