The Caganer

We wanted to wait until the world didn’t end to post this.

We have many recent discoveries to share with you. We think they are all somehow connected but that may just be sleep deprivation. Bear with us.

Many people have asked us why we chose the name Xavi for our son. “Are either of you Spanish?”, “Why did you choose that name”, “How did you choose the name “, “How do you spell that” etc etc

We simply liked the name and after a few days, it seemed to be the name that fitted him the best. But then we started thinking about it a little more and it all started to become a little clearer.

Neither of us is Spanish, or more accurately Catalan which is where the name comes from (it’s the Catalan short form of Xavier). But, we have been to Barcelona, love it and recognize that the Catalan people are a feisty, independent, creative, artistic, proud, passionate, playful, funny, shocking, controversial, unapologetically unique, food loving people. All fine qualities we hope our little man to possess when he grows up.  So, even though we don’t have any family connection to the name Xavi or the Catalan people, we are very fond of their spirit and are happy to be reminded of that via our little man.


That spirit brings us to the Caganer. Which translates into “the Defecator”, which is our next link to Catalan this winter.  No one knows for sure why there is a man taking a poop in the Catalan nativity, but there he is. There are many theories… Because it’s funny, for children to be interested in the nativity, it is a great equalizer of all men (everybody poops) and many more.

The theory we chose to go with is  “The Caganer is a symbol of fertility, so they say, which represents the good harvest and the good year to come next thanks to the feces “downloaded” over the earth. Not exactly as a good luck thing, but a good sign of land’s fertility and productivity. – Mariana Calleja

Which leads us to the farm. (I told you it somehow links together). Even though it’s too late to have a Caganer in the house this Christmas, his spirit is with us because we believe in what he squats for.  We hope our new found knowledge of him brings us a good year on the farm whatever form it takes. It’s a weird stretch… but why not? We could all use something crazy to believe in these days.

So, with the world not ending, the days getting longer, a new person in our house this Christmas and all that brings, the discovery of a farm friendly nativity tradition, and the new year upon us; we are open and excited to see what lays ahead. Neither of us could have predicted what happened in 2012 and we have no idea what 2013 will bring. We will do our best to take it in a feisty, independent, creative, artistic, proud, passionate, playful, funny, shocking, controversial, unapologetically unique, food loving direction. We hope to share it with all of you.

Happy Winter everyone. Let the light of longer days chase away the dark and may everyone have a wonderful Christmas filled with good people and good food.

Love Grant, Lainie, Xavi, and of course, Ella.

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