Prairie Boy Bread Opening Day!

We are up and running. Today was the first day we were open to the public and the bread was in fine form. We think you’ll agree. Please let us know. Thanks to everyone who ventured out to see us. We are committed to bringing you artisanal, local and organic products. Garlic will be available at the shop soon and we are hoping to have our heirloom tomatoes soon as well. They are really taking their time this year!

Also just wanted to clarify that we are baking and selling our bread out of the newest   i deal coffee location at 221 Sorauren Ave. I deal roasts and brews premium, fair trade & organic beans. Freshly roasted coffee and freshly baked bread. We think it’s a pretty good match.

The menu for the 20th is shaping up. We wanted to mark the end of summer with an end of summer BBQ. We are about 1/2 sold. We are still sorting out wines but the menu will look something like this:

garlic soup with mushroom crostini……riesling

panzanella featuring PB heirloom tomatoes and bread……rosé

bbq ribs, salads, grilled things……zinfandel

ice cream sandwiches


Hope to see you soon!

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5 thoughts on “Prairie Boy Bread Opening Day!

  1. After I left you Grant my Truck smelt like a Bread Oven….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. When Adele came home and we finally had the loaf of bread it got devoured within 10 minutes was soooo yummy! Thanks for a wonderful mouth experience 😀

  2. I came back from Kenya with Dengue Fever.
    I hadn’t eaten in a week,
    but when Grant brought over some bread,
    I smelled it and couldn’t resist.

    I’m not saying Prarie Boy Bread cures Dengue Fever,
    But it’s definitely what you want when you can eat again.

    Thanks Grant!!!!!

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