Well Hellooooo there

Happy Spring! If you’re reading this, you’ve survived that extra “special” winter we were graced with. Congratulations on making it to the other side!

A lot of people have been asking ‘Whats going on with the bread/bakery?’ and ‘Where/When? they we get it?’ Here’s a quick update of what has been going on around here.

The bakery is in full swing. Growing every week. The bakery shares kitchen space at the new I deal coffee at 221 Sorauren Ave. We’ve been connecting with lots of bread aficionados, converting some “gluten-freers”, and baking lots and lots of delicious bread.

Here’s the deal – All the bread is made with only organic flour and grains, sea salt, water and a natural sourdough culture. The sourdough culture is a symbiotic culture of wild yeast and Lactobacillus bacteria. It makes the bread rise, adds that delicious distinctive flavor and improves digestibility. We mix our bread with high levels of water and let it ferment for 18 hours. This allows the bacteria time to break down the gluten. Commercial breads are made in less than 4 hours from the start to finish. This is largely why your belly can hurt and bloat after eating them. Not this bread!

Currently Available is the Country White, Winnipeg Rye, Double Fermented Multigrain and a Baguette (available only at the bakery). There have been some raisin bread and olive bread experiments going on too…

PrairieBoy Bread is available fresh 5 days at the following good food stockists:

  • The Bakery/I deal coffee – 221 Sorauren Ave,  tues-sat 9:30-6
  • The Sweet Potato – 2995 Dundas St W, tues-sat 10:30-8
  • Custodios Meats and Eats – 121 Roncesvalles Ave tues-sat 10:30-6
  • Stasis Preserves – 476 Roncesvalles Ave, tues-sat 10:30-7
  • West End Food Co-op – 1229 Queen St. W, tues, thurs, sat 10:30-9 (sat 7)
  • The Good Catch – 1556 Queen St. W, tues-sat 10:30-10

Distribution of a perishable item such as bread is very challenging which is why this list feels very ‘West End”. We hope to be able to deliver to other areas in the future but right now we’re keeping it Super Local. We’re also working on finding the right helper in order to have the bread available 7 days a week.

Lastly, we’ve been selling out often, so if you really have your heart set on some bread for dinner or are making a special trip to get it, feel free to call the day before to reserve a loaf.

We hope everyone is doing and eating well. We hope to see you soon! Here are a few recent pics:

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4 thoughts on “Well Hellooooo there

    • hi “johnny eats”. it’s complicated due to the logistics. how many loaves do you have to sell to pay just for the delivery? ya know? it’s tricky. we are trying to sort out some possible shared delivery routes with someone but it still is a stretch unless we get a bunch of stockists in the same area. we hope you can get your hands on some despite the distance. bon appetit!

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