Merry Christmas!

We’ve closed the shop, brought home the starter, done some visiting, put Xavi to bed, wrapped the gifts, had a (few) drink(s), reflected some and are feeling pretty blessed this Xmas eve. We are missing family in B.C. and Winnipeg but feeling so warmed and fuzzed by our new friends and family at the bakery.

We are blown away at the neighbourhood & business community support we have received the last few months at our new location. We feel so blessed to be part of such a supportive and good food loving community. We are also feeling some serious staff love towards the people who do all the things everyday to make our place the best that it can be. Bread baking, bread mixing, coffee making, sandwich/snack making and shelf stocking. We couldn’t be happier with our team and really want to share more with you in the new year about who these amazingly talented and interesting people are. Stay tuned.

Tonight we want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. We hope you are with family and or friends and enjoying the best this season has to offer. Love, hope and Peace. We’ll see you back on the 28th of December.

All the best from our family to yours -Prairie Boy fam xo

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