An Italian Garden

One of our lovely customers, Diane Bruni, connected us with her parents, Gina and Pasquale who have been gardening this plot of land for 60! years. We have the incredible fortune of planting a rather giant garden this summer in the most beautiful soil and dreamy space. We’ve somehow managed to get almost everything in the ground – here are a few pics.

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Cuban markets

I’ve always been fascinated with markets whenever  traveling. They are always such a hub of activity and creativity. On a recent trip, I noticed there was a lot more food in Havana than in the past. More markets and vendors which was very nice to see. The produce there is essentially organic as they don’t have the same access to pesticides and herbicides as the rest of the world…which is a happy accident i suppose.

The other thing i noticed on this trip was the design of things in the market. We are forever trying to think of interesting and affordable ways of displaying and distributing our produce, with minimal environmental impact and I was very inspired by Cuban ingenuity. Necessity is the mother of invention after all.

Here are some images from markets and street vendors in Havana.

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