Delicious things to go with our bread

We have searched high and low for the best makers of things that go with bread. Bread alone is fine and all but it can be even more magical with a beautiful jam, butter, or honey. We are proud to support and carry the following highest quality small batch producers. Due to the seasonal nature of food production, we sometimes run out of certain products until the next season. If you find something you love, we suggest you grab a few.

Emerald grasslands butter (ONT), Chagnon cultured butter (QUE), Sterling butter (ONT)

Dougs Honey (ONT), Knotty Coppertop Honey (ONT)

East Van Jam (BC), Spade and Spoon Preserves (ONT), Manning Canning (ONT), Salt and Mustard (ONT), Farmers Daughter Garlic Scape Salt (BC), Plantation Kampot Pepper (CAMBODIA), Howick Community Maple Syrup (ONT), Nonna Pias Balsamic, var Olive Oil (ITA, ESP)

Nuts to you peanut butter (ONT), Julias best almond butter (ONT)

Monforte Dairy Cheese (ONT), var cheese, olives, and charcuterie from Cheese boutique.

AND many other beautiful and delicious things to go with bread. If you know someone making something with love, please send them our way!