Bread School

Last week our local Montessori elementary class came to the bakery for a sourdough bread workshop. Every year the elementary students work on a “Cosmic Plan” that helps them understand a topic and it’s myriad connections to the world. This year their topic is Bread. The kids were so curious and interested in what we do. We talked about agriculture, culture, sciences, math, history, and had tactile experiences making, shaping and eating the bread. They were excellent students and made the most beautiful loaves of bread to take home. Thanks everyone for coming to visit and to learn about how Real Bread is made. Hope to see you soon!

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Baby its cold outside

Here is where to find Prairie Boy Bread on these chilly winter days:grantdelivering

Ideal Coffee – 221 Sorauren Ave Tues-Sat 10am.                                                            The Sweet Potato – 2995 Dundas Street. West Tues/Thurs/Sat 10:30am                    Stasis Preserves – 476 Roncesvalles Ave. Tues-Sat 10:30 am                              Custodios Meats – 121 Roncesvalles Ave. Tues-Sat 10:30                                             Thin Blue Line – 93 Roncesvalles Ave. Tues-Sat 11:30                                                    The Good Catch – 1556 Queen Street West Tues-Sat 10:30                                            West End Food Co-op – 1229 Queen Street West Tues/Thurs/Sat 10:30am                    Bivy – 1600 Dundas Street West Fri 10:30

Restaurants currently serving our Bread:
The Westerley – 413 Roncesvalles Ave
Local Kitchen – 1710 Queen Street West
Windup Bird Cafe – 382 College Street West

Fresh City Farms has our bread available 3 times a week to it’s CSA members. For more info go to

“Dinner To Celebrate Summer” Follow Up

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Our sold out “Dinner to celebrate Summer” went by so fast. You know when you have to give a speech, and you get on stage, and all of a sudden it’s over and you don’t even remember what you said or how long you were up there? That was sort of our experience this past Wednesday night. Everyone said they had a great time and that the food was amazing so…i guess we done good. It has been a long, hard summer of much work and not much socializing so it was wonderful to hear such revelry and see so many familiar smiling faces.  Thanks so much to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! We love you guys.

Also giant thanks Amelia & Kristjan of Saving Gigi for the great space, to Greg for staying on top of the stacks of dishes and stemware, to Ryan and birthday girl Heather who ran the floor, to Emily&Drew for whipping the diningroom into shape and to Kelley who slaved away in a very hot basement kitchen all afternoon helping Grant prepare the meal. We couldn’t have done it without you guys. Also special thanks to all our producers/suppliers who do things with such high standards and class ( Coffin Ridge, Tico Poulakakis, Scotch Mtn Meats, Debbie Wiecha, Twin Creeks Organics, Sunrise Organics, Domaine de Mourchand, Barbetta Orchards, Hinterland, Detour Coffee, Barbarians Steak House). Respect.