Hello Dorset friends! We miss you sooo much! A few of you told us it’s mutual so we are going to do a POP – UP on JULY 4 with some of your favourites. Attached is a menu that you can order from. We STRONGLY encourage you to order ahead so we have some sense of numbers. The cut off for orders is Saturday June 27 so we have time to make everything (it’s by hand remember). Please email your orders to We are unable take orders by text, instagram messages etc. We will be crazy busy preparing and baking all these goodies in the city and then driving them up the morning of. If you don’t get your specific order in on time, we will have some extra things baked but please try to come early to avoid disappointment. This is the list we can manage so please stick to it. If it goes well we hope to do a few more during summer. Our lovely friends at LOVE Pottery will be hosting us. We are “big-hug” level excited to see you but due to the global pandemic thing we request that you respect the 2m (or 8 loaves of bread) distance from other customers and ideally wear a mask or refrain from “talking moistly”. We will be accepting TAP ONLY – debit or credit. See you soon and tell your friends!!

click here for the menu July 4 Dorset Menu


When: July 4, 1-4pm

Where: LOVE POTTERY STUDIO on Harvey street near HWY 35

Why: the mutual missing & to make summer taste better

How: pre-order by email, bring a bag, mask, and any form of plastic payment to TAP


The Good, the bad and the dusty

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It has been a very interesting few weeks. The construction that they said would take 3 weeks is nowhere near finished … with no real end in site.  I’ve always thought that assistant directors should run all projects. Things would be done on time, on budget and run super smoothly. That said, the construction crew has been super friendly and really great with helping our customers to get themselves, strollers, and bikes into the shop. One bonus is that all the kids reeeeeally love all the construction so feel free to come sit in the window and watch the snails pace progress happen. It’s kinda like a built-in babysitter. Just saying.

Our new pastry chef Corey Chin-Yick has been hard at work developing and baking new delicious summer treats for everyone. Welcome aboard Corey, we are so happy to have you on the team.

We want to continue to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for braving the fences, trucks, caution tape and at times noise and dust to come grab bread, coffees and other staples. Please remember we are here every day baking delicious bread. Thank you so much for your continued support and patronage. We are so lucky to have the best customers.

Despite being in the epicentre of construction, we got a great mention in the “Best of the City” Bakeries in Toronto Life. What fantastic company to be in! We are so proud and thankful to be noticed. We swear we did not pay or sleep with anyone to get it. So that must mean YOU are talking about it and loving what we are doing so thanks for that. Let’s all keep up the great work – baking and enjoying delicious bread!

We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer. There are so many beautiful and fun things to do in Southern Ontario. We are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful part of the world.

Attached is a slideshow of whats been happening this July

Peace Out