Baguette inspection

Baguette inspection


We are always seeking dedicated, passionate, hard-working, fun-loving individuals to intern with us.

We recommend a minimum of a month commitment so individuals can get a sense of all the areas of our business.

Please email us if you are interested in baking with us – prairieboybread@gmail.com

18 thoughts on “volunteer/internships

  1. Hi Lainie and Grant,
    Have to say I was impressed at the scale and organisation of your project there, and the blog and info-
    I am interested in volenteering some time over weekends to help out, be involved visit.
    (Shame I missed long weekend planting as I was itching to get out of city and was free.)
    Wondered if possible lift- car share to get to you?
    I am around all summer, work mon-fri, with some flexibility.
    Let me know
    Charlotte ( Kelly’s Friend)

    • hi charlotte. we’d love to have you come up for and volunteer on weekends you are available. absolutely. grant comes to city tuesdays for the market but i am back and forth as my work schedule dictates. i’ll be up there more this summer though and we have lots going on up there. there are also other people always going back and forth so i’m sure we can sort out rides if you give us some notice. or if worst comes to worst, there’s a bus to meaford and we can scoop you up. let us know when you are thinking. thanks for your interest and support.

  2. P.s. My show is up till end of next week- pass by if you can.
    Sepia Photo’s: Trees, Pathways and Forest shots-
    you’ed enjoy- plus there is a possibity of potential client –
    My Work place: Sage cafe 166, Mc Caul St.
    Promotes healthy eating and vegetarian food!
    Thanks again. C

  3. Would like to come up this or next weekend- for starters -would be great to share a ride if poss?
    Can leave anytime from fri after 4pm?
    Thanks Charlotte

  4. Hello – I work full-time, M-F but have always loved baking and been curious about learning how to bake bread etc. I would love some more information on your internship offer.

    James King

    • hi james. we’re pretty swamped right now with the move and expansion. we’re pretty run off our feet daily. interships will resume when things are a little calmer and we have some room in our day to “teach”. please feel free to email us directly in the new year. thanks for contacting us.


  5. Hi Lainie and Grant
    I am interested in volunteering.
    I have worked in a bakery before,so I have some knowledge of baking bread.
    I have no work now and can volunteer anytime.Even if I get a job,I would like to help until summer.
    Please let me know if I could work.
    Thank you,

  6. Hi, my name is Fernando, from Mexico. I’m a baker and we Just got in to Toronto, with my wife and doughter (both canadians), and we have a bakery-cafe in San Miguel de Allende. I’ve been running our bakery for 6 years, but we decided to move up here and stay for good, and fortunely we found your great sourdough leek bread. I wonder if it’s possible to work with you and your team and continue increasing my knowledge in the bakery industry, specially when the product are just great. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  7. Hi there,
    My name is Daniel Gallucci. I was turned onto your delicious bread via a friend Mark at K2 mill.
    I run a Neurological based rehab business in Toronto and wanted to know if you have any current volunteer opportunities at the bakery?
    I’m on a mission ( opposite of many colleagues) where I want to return folks to delicious, nutrient dense bread/grains etc.
    I’d love to know if we’d be able to chat at some point.
    Thanks for your time
    Daniel Gallucci

  8. Would love to and in need of learning to bake bread.
    Hope my curiosity and inquiry is enough for you to offer me an internship.
    My background: Expressive Arts therapist who has lived and worked with people who identify with developmental disabilities in Europe and Canada. As part of our community model is baking bread and celebrating food communally. To continue with that tradition I would love to learn more about the therapeutic aspect of baking bread within a community setting.
    Time is flexible!

  9. Hello.
    I have no professional experience baking bread, but I am passionate about it. I grew up in France and ate bread my whole life and simply enjoy baking bread at home or just eating it.

    I would love to learn more about the art of baking.

    I can be available on weekends.

    • hi Megan, sorry for the delay. we rarely check our messages here. please send us an email telling us a bit about yourself and what your schedule is like. I’m not sure what the schedule is like but emailing us will at least direct you to the right people. thanks for your interest. talk soon

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