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Here’s where you can find us:

in person: 970 College st. Toronto, Ontario mon-sat 9:00-5 pm,  sun 10-3

phone: shop 416-531-1211,


twitter: @prairieboyfarms

instagram: @prairieboybread

facebook page: prairie boy bread or prairie boy Muskoka


27 thoughts on “contact us

  1. As a big fan of your bread, I thought you’d like this little paragraph from the NPR site:

    On the “sourdough hotel”

    “So this is in Stockholm. There is a place, a bakery, where, you know, if you are devoted to keeping your own sourdough starter and feeding it every day with flour, if you need to go on vacation, you can leave your sourdough with this bakery. They’ll keep it on a shelf and feed it daily for you while you’re gone. It’s like boarding for your pet.”

    happy baking, and New Year!


    • That’s so interesting Wendy as we have talked about doing that. We just need some more fridge space. Thanks so much for thinking of us and sending that. We will get on that ASAP for sure!! Best, lainie

  2. Love the store! And I alway’s get your veggie sandwiches when you have them, also love the coffee muffins! So good! My only sadness is that for some reason you guy’s won’t bring in soy for the espresso 😦 Coconut tastes so bad to me, as does almond. Thanks for the bread!

    • thanks sarah. we just can’t have a bunch of dif milks that only the a few people want-we end up throwing so much out. ordering small amt.s with suppliers doesn’t work and we don’t have time to regularly hand stock certain milks. we do coconut and whole milk as we find it tastes the best with our coffee. sorry. i’ll look into it though. thanks for your business and comments.


  3. Hi Grant.

    Great meeting you yesterday, and chatting about flours. I’d love to come and help out in the bakery for a week, or so if that works for you. Happy to do anything, as long as I’m not in the way. Anytime after next week would work for me.

    Cheers, Cosmo.

  4. hi chef Perry? or??, we’re sorry you had that experience with our employee. we actually don’t open until 7:30 now. our website was the one place we don’t have our newer hours posted (truthfully we didn’t think anyone ever looks here lol).
    when our 1st wave of wholesale goes out, the driver sometimes doesn’t close the door and people wander in early. SHE was flustered and annoyed with him, not you walking in. but still…I apologize for the confusion and unfortunate experience. we have since spoken and everyone has been instructed to not have the door open for customers before 7:30 and to offer people a seat if they want to wait until we are properly set up. if you would like to have a wholesale conversation or taste our bread, I suggest emailing us ( to set up samples for pick up or a tasting…that is what other chefs we deal with have done in the past. our foh don’t really deal with wholesale or restaurant accounts so going through grant is always best. we are always working on improving our customers experience…so thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to send us a message about your negative experience.


  5. Hi this is Lenka from Crossroad Kafe. We get 2 big loafs of bread on Froday but we run out so i was wondering if we could order one loaf for Tuesday or Wednesday this week and 2 for Friday?


    • sorry Sarah, someone wasn’t checking the messages here…ahem…yes we sell the garlic scape salt at college street. we just got a shipment in too. sorry for the delay. hope you are well and keeping safe 😉

  6. Hello
    Are there any current events listed ie: bread making? Cannot seem to find on your website.
    Please sent me link if so.

    Thank you


    • hi Mirella, sorry we just saw your message now. the website has a page dedicated to bread workshops. it explains exactly how to find out about the next ones. they are obviously on hold at the moment but we are looking forward to when we can all safely do them together again. theres a baker in cali called Josey Baker and his instagram feed has excellent info re sourdough baking, starters etc. good luck and hope to see you soon. – lainie

  7. Hello!

    Just read your note about the Muskoka location. Are you opening at all this year in Dorset ?

    Look forward to hearing back.

    Hope you are keeping safe + healthy ! Rita

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