contact us

Here’s where you can find us:

in person: 970 College st. Toronto, Ontario mon-fri 7am-7pm. sat 8-5:30, sun 8:30-4

phone: shop 416-531-1211, grant- 416-712-3665,  lainie- 416-832-7615


twitter: prairieboyfarms

instagram: prairieboybread

facebook page: prairie boy bread


6 thoughts on “contact us

  1. As a big fan of your bread, I thought you’d like this little paragraph from the NPR site:

    On the “sourdough hotel”

    “So this is in Stockholm. There is a place, a bakery, where, you know, if you are devoted to keeping your own sourdough starter and feeding it every day with flour, if you need to go on vacation, you can leave your sourdough with this bakery. They’ll keep it on a shelf and feed it daily for you while you’re gone. It’s like boarding for your pet.”

    happy baking, and New Year!


    • That’s so interesting Wendy as we have talked about doing that. We just need some more fridge space. Thanks so much for thinking of us and sending that. We will get on that ASAP for sure!! Best, lainie

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