The Bread – 100% Organic

Our mission at Prairie Boy Bread is to make the best bread for you, your friends and family. Our farmers, millers and bakers use attention and care in every step. We only use 100%Organic grains that are fresh milled locally and delivered weekly from K2 MILLING, ARVA FLOUR, AND HOFFNUNG COLLECTIVE. We mix 4 ingredients: grain, water, sourdough starter, and salt. Each loaf is shaped by hand, using high levels of water, and a long ferment which results in beautiful flavours, textures and improved digestability. We think that you’ll agree, these extraordinary loaves add enjoyment to every meal.

Bon Appétit!

Available everyday at the bakery:

Country White

Double Fermented Multigrain

Winterpeg Rye

20th Century Flax


In rotation:

We always have a “special” bread based on seasonality and  availability.

example – apple cider, garlic scape, potato rosemary, roasted pumpkin, dark chocolate and cranberry – all made with organic produce and herbs

Friday – Challah

Friday/Sat – Cinnamon Raisin

Friday/Saturday – focaccia

Saturday/Sunday – Rugbrød – a rich dark Nordic rye

If there is something that you have your heart set on please call to reserve it. For orders of more than a few loaves please notify us of your order 3 days in advance to ensure we have enough.


Recent Posts

August Long Dorset POP-UP


We are doing another Summer POP-UP on August Long Weekend!

Thanks to everyone who came out a few weeks ago to grab scrumptious things to eat at the lake. We’ve added a few things to the menu and changed some flavours so please read the menu carefully and please specify if you’d prefer your pies and scones baked or frozen. The pre-ordering system worked really well last time and helped us gauge numbers really well so if you’re thinking of getting some things again in a few weeks please pre-order by Monday July 27 (please email your order to  We’ve sorted out the kinks with the new payment system and will have figured out a few shortcuts to move everyone through faster. Thanks for your patience. See you in a few weeks!

CLICK FOR THE MENU – Aug 1 Dorset Menu

Where: (same same) Love Pottery Studio on Harvey Street

When: Saturday August 1 from 1-4pm

How: Please maintain a safe 6′ distance btwn your fellow shoppers. Bring a bag, mask and plastic for tap only – debit or credit



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