Terra Madre Dinner

December 10th is TERRA MADRE DAY

We felt celebrating Terra Madre Day was an excellent way to share how we feel about food and food politics.

The farm has given us so many amazing things this year. Most obviously, truckloads of amazing and delicious vegetables but also a number of other things that we didn’t anticipate.

• New friends who value safe and local food as much as we do
• A ‘home’ for our produce and a place to meet, eat and discuss food. The Depanneur 
• A sense of community
• A connection to and respect for other farmers and their hard work
• Hope that we are making a difference
• Passion for something we believe in
• A solidarity to the millions of other farmers, eaters and chefs who are dedicated to healthy, safe, and delicious food.

We are celebrating with a dinner at Rusholme Park Supper Club.

Sadly this event is now SOLD OUT. Thanks everyone who got tickets early.
Stay tuned as there will be more events in the future.

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